Kiss Me First

2018TEEN1 Season
A lonely young woman hooked on a virtual reality game befriends a party girl who leads her into a world of new thrills and dark secrets.
Production Country:United Kingdom, United States
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Added to Netflix:August 20, 2019
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From the Daily Dot

From the mind of Skins co-creator Bryan Elsley and Lottie Moggach's book, Netflix short series Kiss Me First is a genre-confused, saccharine-sweet affair. Tallulah Haddon stars as Leila, a lonely young English woman who's just lost her mother, and whose "friends" reside in her other realm: the cyberworld of Azana. The wonderous Azana is where Leila becomes her avatar Shadowfax, but it's also a place of apparent violence, where similarly afflicted souls come to escape, rage out, or otherwise free their minds from real chaos. With its underdeveloped characters and problematic gapping, Kiss Me First comes off as a Dollar Store version of Ready Player One. By the time you reach the incoherent climax, you'll be ready to take off the VR helmet.

Kahron Spearman

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