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After living as a man for nearly 60 years, Laerte Coutinho, one of Brazil's most brilliant cartoonists, introduces herself to the world as a woman.

Genres:Documentaries, International Movies, LGBTQ Movies

Director:Lygia Barbosa da Silva, Eliane Brum

Cast:Laerte Coutinho

Production Country:Brazil

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Added to Netflix:May 19, 2017

From the Daily Dot

In the Netflix original documentary Laerte-se, comic strips depict the inner workings of a Brazilian cartoonist as she comes to terms with her gender identity. The device serves two purposes: informing the audience of artist Laerte Coutinho's thoughts, and acting as a way to tell this searing, real story in a straightforward manner. Coutinho is initially hesitant to be intimately honest with documentarian Eliane Brum, but the more she opens up, the more the artwork exposes her thoughts and desires. The end result is a compelling, in-depth look at Coutinho's transformation.

Dan Marcus

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