Nappily Ever After

20181599 min
When a perfectionist ad exec experiences a romantic setback, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery that begins with a dramatic hair makeover.
Production Country:United States
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Added to Netflix:March 7, 2019
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From the Daily Dot

Netflix's overly safe Nappily Ever After is a practical vehicle for actress Sanaa Lathan, who powers through the fun but occasionally suspect script, and wooden co-stars. Adapted from author Trisha Thomas' empowering series, Lathan plays Violet Jones, an insecure ad exec struggling with maintaining a forced perfection, principally through her hair. Lathan's naturalness in her acting and sensuality make the film work, even when the plot sags and her co-stars lack chemistry. Nappily Ever After ultimately rewards in its portrayal of Black women's relationship with hair, and also its disengagement with the power of the male gaze and external approval. The entirely-too-safe comedy doesn't entirely work in plotting or script, but the film still feels vital in its message.

Kahron Spearman

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